Howie Mandel of Kohls Coupons Is Back in Business

Howie Mandel of Kohl’s has returned to the marketplace after a five-year absence.The retailer said Monday that he will be back selling its coupons for a while longer.Mandel, who had been the CEO of Kohler, announced the change in a blog post Monday.He said he would be taking a break from the business for a […]

Why you need to know the best Applebee’s coupons

If you’re shopping for Applebee�s coupons, you’re probably looking at a ton of options.Here’s a guide to the best deals for the most popular items.1. Applebee �s coupon code deals: 1.Applebee� s coupon code offers:Applebee’s has a long history of helping people find the best coupons to buy their favourite items, with its own app […]

How to save $50 on Home Depot coupons, Home Depot discounts

In January 2018, Home and Home Depot announced that they would no longer sell their home depot coupons at their stores.The reason?The company said that it was concerned about the “sensitivity” of the coupons and the “unfair” nature of the company’s advertising campaign.However, it was not until December that the company started selling its coupons […]

Why are Amazon’s price drops so fast?

By now you should have noticed that Amazon’s latest price drop has gone into effect.In fact, Amazon’s recent price drops have occurred twice as fast as its competitors.In the US, the average price of a Kindle fell from $299 to $299.99.The UK’s cheapest Kindle fell by about half, from £249.99 to £249, but it also […]

‘You can’t buy a book’: Parents of children in the US face eviction

Parents of five US children are facing eviction from their homes because they can’t afford to buy a single book in their local library.In a statement, the Alliance for Library Freedom said it had received more than 1,200 calls about eviction and was working with libraries to find ways to protect children from eviction.“The Alliance […]

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