What to expect at the Oscars?

The Oscars are in full effect today, but you might not have seen them yet if you live in Jerusalem. 

The country has been without a presidential election since 2005, when former prime minister Ehud Olmert resigned after the first round of voting in which the party he ran for president against, Likud, took 39.4% of the vote. 

But that was before a massive and unexpected wave of protests and demonstrations across the Arab world. 

As of Thursday, protesters were still blocking the main avenue in the Israeli capital and even blocking roads in the northern city of Ramallah. 

There have been protests since the start of the year, and the Palestinian Authority said on Thursday it would hold an unprecedented protest on Sunday in the western city of Bethlehem. 

Jerusalem was once the centre of Arab and Muslim power, but it has since been rocked by the Arab Spring and the Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem, which Palestinians want for their future state. 

“The world has changed in the last 15 years,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told reporters in Jerusalem on Thursday. 

Since then, the region has been rocked from the north by the outbreak of the Arab Winter in the Middle East, the nuclear deal with Iran, and Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. 

Trump and the US-led coalition have been accused of undermining efforts to negotiate peace between Israel and the Palestinians. 

Netanyahu and other top officials have defended the settlements and criticized the US for allowing them to grow, and US-backed Palestinian groups have accused the Israeli government of using them as a pretext for its control over the Palestinian territories. 

Israel has also seen a spike in the number of Palestinian deaths and injuries during protests. 

Some Palestinian protesters also protested in Jerusalem and the West Bank on Thursday, and they took to the streets in large numbers. 

They clashed with police who used pepper spray and tear gas to disperse protesters. 

In a rare public appearance, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas addressed the crowd in Bethlehem on Thursday evening. 

He said that if the US were to move the Oscars ceremony to Jerusalem, it would be a slap in the face to the Palestinian people and their right to a state and the right to life. 

Abbas said the US should move the event to the city where the two Jewish cities are located, and said that the Palestinians had been left out of the process. 

Palestinian activists say the US has failed to take a positive step toward peace and has repeatedly blocked attempts to restart the stalled peace process.

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