‘No one knows the real reason’ why Australia is facing drought

An analysis of government data has revealed the Australian Drought Action Plan (ADAP) will fail to address the state’s most pressing drought-related issue.

An analysis of the Drought Monitor found the Government is not using the full scope of the plan to address climate change, and the DAP has failed to recognise the need to tackle the problem of climate change.

Key points:AAP’s “climate plan” is expected to miss the targets set by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)The DAP does not take climate change into account in the planThe Climate Action Plan has been criticized by a number of government departments and organisations over the past yearClimate change is one of the most pressing issues facing Australia.

The Government is relying on a set of goals set out by the Australian Government, the Commonwealth and the UNFCCC to tackle climate change over the next three decades.

According to the Climate Action plan, the country will have met its emissions reduction target by 2050 and emissions will peak by 2100.

But the plan fails to include climate change in its calculations.

“The plan is not an accurate way of measuring the success of the policy,” said the Climate Change Institute’s David Anderson.

It’s also not a sustainable way of achieving those targetsThe analysis was done by consulting firm McKinsey and Company, and it found the Climate Plan failed to accurately capture climate change as it applies to Australia.

The Government has previously stated it is targeting emissions reductions of 40 per cent by 2030, with an increase of 20 per cent each year.

This would result in a goal of emissions reductions by 2030 of 1.3 million tonnes of CO2 per year, according to the report.

McKinsey found the 2020 emissions target was “almost entirely ignored” by the Climate Act, as the Commonwealth Government and the federal Government were using the 2020 targets to achieve their climate goals.

Despite the Commonwealth’s and the Federal Government’s climate change policies being in place since 2010, the DPA does not include the CO2 targets in its assessment of the future, the report said.

That means the Government will have to rely on the Government’s own 2020 targets in 2020, the Climate Institute said.

“The Climate Plan does not provide an accurate measure of the progress of climate action in Australia,” the report found.

In particular, the study said it was not clear what the Dampers, the Government and climate change experts are doing to address this, and what the government plans to do to meet those goals.

“This is particularly disappointing given the lack of detailed planning and implementation by the government on the issues of the Climate Response Plan and the Climate Actions Plan,” it said.


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