Marcos coupon codes for parties and events

Marcos Coupons have gone viral with more than 3 million people already using the code and it seems as if it’s starting to spread to the UK.

The company has launched its own loyalty program and has also started offering discounts on a number of items.

The most popular items are a special coupon code for a £3 off meal or a free birthday gift for every member.

They’re also offering a £5 off lunch or free breakfast on some days.

The coupon code is valid until 1pm on Saturday and Sunday.

The freebies are also good for up to 10 members and a £20 coupon code can be used on food, drink and cosmetics for the duration of the promotion.

However, it’s important to note that the Marcos team say they only have 5,000 codes to distribute.

They also have a Facebook page where you can request a code for any event you’re looking to attend, or for a special occasion.

Here are some of the most popular discounts: A free meal at a local restaurant or pub for up for a week: £5 (approx £2.50 per person) for a two-course meal, and an additional £2 for a buffet or barbecued meal or an £8.50 drink and dessert voucher for up until 4pm on Thursday.

A birthday gift worth up to £5 on Thursday or Friday.

A discount on a selection of cosmetics: a birthday gift and a voucher worth up until 3pm on Friday for up till 1pm.

A special birthday gift voucher worth £15 on Saturday or Sunday.

A free breakfast at a restaurant or cafe for up from 1pm to 6pm on Monday.

A £5 discount voucher for a lunch and a free snack voucher on Monday or Tuesday.

A discounted entry for a party and/or event on Saturday, and a birthday cake, birthday card, gift certificate or other promotional items worth up £20.50 (approved by the Marcolins marketing team).

Here are a few other coupons to look out for.

To use the MarColins coupon code on your next event: 1.

Sign up for MarColors loyalty program by visiting or calling 0800 449 446.


Create a MarColin account and create an event.


Enter your birthday, birthday, special, birthday gift, birthday coupon code and a special gift voucher to see what you can receive.


You can also use your MarColens coupon code to save on your travel or hotel bookings.


Check out all the MarCOins coupons at

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