How to get $20 in Ancestry coupons via the Crypto Coins app

A new app allows you to get an instant $20 cryptocurrency discount in the form of an Ancestry coupon, according to the developers.

The app is available on Google Play and is designed to let users take advantage of discounted coupons by entering the code “AUSTRALIA” in the Google Play app.

Users can then send the code via email or SMS to anyone with the code.

Users who have not registered their email address will be given a special offer on a $20 coupon code.

The $20 code will be displayed as a link in the app after being entered, and users can then redeem it for up to $20 worth of goods.

A $20 discount in exchange for $20 coins.

Credit: Cryptocurrency News source Crypto Coin News title Ancestry is letting you take advantage with $20 crypto coupon in the Android app article While some people may have already received an Ancestor coupon in their Google Play wallet, they will not be able to use it unless they are registered to a Google account.

A post on the Ancestry app reveals that there are still some limitations, though, which may mean that some people will not see the $20 incentive until after they have spent the full amount of $20 they can earn.

Users will need to have a valid Google account to take advantage.

This is important, as the $50 promotion for $50 coins expires on November 8, 2018.

As the app is not yet available in the US, users will have to register for the app and pay a $10 registration fee before they can redeem the coupon.

To find out how much the coupon is worth, click here .

If you are looking for the full details on the $25 promo, click on the “get started” button below.

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