The New York Times’ new editor, a Pulitzer Prize winner and an Oprah winner, just got fired

POLITICO Playbook The New Yorker’s editorial board has been fired for “unprofessional behavior.”

The move comes amid mounting pressure on the paper to change its approach to its controversial decision to fire former editor and CEO Jill Abramson, who was replaced after Abramson and her colleagues were charged with defrauding a public pension fund.

The firing comes amid a growing number of high-profile firings at the New York Observer and New Yorker, and a series of articles by its writers in the past few weeks, including one that claimed Abramson was “a liar” and “a fraud.”

The Times announced Monday that its new managing editor, John Solomon, will be a Pulitzer Finalist for his work on the cover of The New Republic in 2013.

Solomon was also named the top editor of the Washington Post in 2012, for his coverage of the 2012 election.

He’ll replace the longtime editor-in-chief, Bill Keller, who left the paper on Sunday.

Solomon’s appointment came as a surprise to many, with the Times announcing Monday that it was not yet ready to name a new editor.

Solomon, who had been with the paper for more than two decades, said he’d only been informed of the decision to remove Abramson.

A spokesperson for the Times declined to comment.

The New Yorker published an op-ed in January accusing Abramson of “laundering” her savings to help pay for her book “The Ambition,” a book which she sold to Amazon for $1.5 million in 2017.

The op-Ed argued that Abramson’s actions made her “unfit for her position at The New England Journal of Medicine.”

The decision to oust Abramson comes amid growing pressure on The New YORK TIMES to change how it operates.

Earlier this month, Abramson sued the paper over its decision to terminate her contract after she was found to have misrepresented the nature of her financial dealings.

The lawsuit is still pending.

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