Walgreens $6 off code to save on a meal

WALGreens coupon codes can save you money at the grocery store, too.

To get the code, visit Walgreen.com or call 1-800-221-6227.

It’s $6 to take advantage of the coupon, which is valid through July 1.

Walgers has also offered similar offers in the past, but now has expanded the offer to include all participating stores nationwide.

Here’s the full list of participating stores:Walmart:   $4 off a $35 order of any meat, poultry, seafood, seafood and fish item, plus a $5 off $25.00 or $25 off $35.00 purchase, whichever is less.

The code will be valid on orders of $35 or more, which includes the purchase of meat, seafood or fish from Walgrees restaurants in the United States.

Walmart will be selling $35 off $45 purchases on July 1 and up, with the lowest discount being $7.49 off a new order of $45 or more.

The price reduction ends on July 31.

Wal-Mart:   Wal-Mart has added the Walgills $5 Off to your purchase of $30 or more in the first 90 days of availability, which can be used at select Walgmans grocery stores, Walmart stores, online and at Walgems.com. 

To get this offer, visit Walmart.com/Walmart and call 1.800.838.4747.

Wal-mart.com:   Use this offer to get $5-off on all orders of up to $75. 

$5 off any purchase of select meat, chicken, pork, lamb, fish, shellfish, dairy, and baked goods.

To get $7-off, visit walmart.us/WalmartsWalmart.ca: Use this coupon to get a $10 off the purchase price of any $35-$50.00 order of selected items.

The coupon can be redeemed at participating Walmarts. 

For a $50-off coupon, visit Walmart and call 1 888.224.7222.

Walmart.ca/Walmerts:  $10 off $50. 

Use this code to get $30 off the $50 order of meats, seafood products and other items of $50 or more and $35 off the order of chicken, turkey, seafood fish, pork and lamb with a $30 coupon. 

WalmerTec: $10.00 off any $100 order of select items with the code “WET” in the box.

To redeem, visit or call 800.639.6398. 

Amazon: Use this coupon code to buy any one of Amazon’s new Prime items with a $20 coupon.

Use the code when you visit the site, select the item you want, and hit “Apply.” 

To receive this offer at Amazon, call 1 800.523.9273 or visit amazon.com and click “Apply Now.” 

Dollar Tree: Use this code to get $15 off any item with the code “DOT” in the box or on its buy site. 

The coupon can only be used for $100 in-store purchases of select products, and $50 at a single store.

To use the coupon at Dollar Tree, call 800-927-0066 or visit the dollysstore.com website. 

Hachette: Use the coupon code $12 off any book with the Code $8 off all books, or $9 off any ebook. 

DoorDash: Use this code to get $15 off a single book with code “DOT.” 

$16 off a book for one year with code Code  “ROT” is available on the Dollar Tree store and online for $24.99. 

B&H: Use code CASHFREE30 to $29 off any book, including all digital books. 

 Dollysmart: Use Code DOT to get off $9 off the sale of any special item. 

Get $20 off any print book or digital book for a single order with Code Code “CASH FREE30.” 

BHphoto: Use codes DARK and LIVE to redeem $24.98 off $200 purchases for a single book. 

Fountain Pen: Use Codes BONUS to free up to 20% off any digital pen, including all electronic pens. 

Gap: Use a coupon code from $6 off up to $12 on all

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