Recode editor Josh Barro apologizes for “sad and regrettable”

Josh Barros has apologized for an “extremely offensive” tweet.

The executive editor of Recode said Wednesday that he “misspoke” and apologized for his tweet about the city’s subway.

The apology came during a live video call to reporters after the company’s annual shareholders meeting, which took place Tuesday.

“I sincerely apologize for any offense my tweet may have caused,” Barros said.

“The tweet was very insensitive and offensive.

I deeply regret it.

It was not a good way to talk to investors.”

He also addressed the comments that followed, including his company’s efforts to hire more women.

“We are committed to hiring more women to our senior leadership and to hiring our female employees in a way that reflects our values,” he said.

He also apologized for the backlash he’s received from Twitter users, which have criticized his remarks.

“If you’re unhappy with my tweet, please let me know.

I’m not interested in talking about that.

That’s not my style,” Barro said.

The company said it has already hired several women to its senior leadership team and will continue to do so.

Recode’s CEO, Kara Swisher, said in an email that Barros’ apology was “a great first step” in the company moving forward.

She said the company “is committed to diversity in leadership and we’re proud of the diversity of our team.”

Barros, who is white, has said that he wants to be more inclusive.

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